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November 23, 2005


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mr. jones,

this is unabashedly off topic, but i was hoping you could post your thoughts on what it means for the Church to be apostolic. as lutherans, for the Church to be apostolic means the Church teaches apostolic doctrine, yet for the eastern orthodox apostolic succession in integrally tied in a church's claim to genuine apostolicity. we, at least the lcms, cannot claim apostolic succession, and therefore the eastern orthodox would say that even if our doctrine were to be orthodox, our claims to apostolicity are invalid.

your thoughts?

Chris Jones


post your thoughts on what it means for the Church to be apostolic

I will see what I can do. As you can tell, I am trying, with limited success, to post more often. The topic you suggest is quite important to me, and I do have some ideas. I'll try to post something in a day or two.


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