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April 15, 2008


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Hooray! Good to see you back.

Dan at Necessary Roughness

Ditto that. Welcome back.

Eric Phillips

I'm like that too. I comment on other people's sites. But since I don't have a blog, it's not obvious. :P


Waiting with baited breath... what the hell is 'baited breath' anyway?

Chris Jones

Is there nothing one cannot look up on the Internet?

According to Dictionary.com, the phrase is "with bated breath" (no "I" in "bated"). The verb "bate" in this context is an abbreviation of "abate" meaning "to moderate or restrain". Thus the phrase "with bated breath" (again, according to Dictionary.com) means "with breath drawn in or held because of anticipation or suspense." Or more succinctly, "holding my breath."

Given my track record on frequency of posting, I should not recommend holding your breath.


Aha! And here I thought it was a reference to a diet of minnows, night-crawlers and salmon eggs... Silly me.

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